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Montblanc Snake Clip solid silver with precious stone eyes, RED, BLU, or Green.** Condition: Anno: 2012

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Descrizione [Nessun testo in lingua Italiana disponibile]
This is a 100% precise copy of the ebonite collar, used for the 1950ies nib units of models 400 and 140. As well known, at the end of the 50ies, Pelikan started using plastic collars, which today are normally cracked. This collar has been remade from ebonite to solve this problem.
Handmade on the lathe in a little series.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Numero Modello 111461
Marca Tools and Parts
Modello Pelikan ebonite collar, for models 400 and 140 from the 50ies**
Anno 2017
Sistema collare
Colore nero
Materiale ebanite
Condition MINT, mai usate
Disponibile pezzi 60
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Prezzo CE IVA inclusa € 16,20
spese di spedizione Spedizione Worldwide 10.00 EUR