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Descrizione [Nessun testo in lingua Italiana disponibile]
Offered is a free choose set of 3 inks of ROHRER & KLINGNER. The company continues its long tradtion in producing inks whit this assortment. To assortment standing 18 different colors. The writing inks are perfect for fountain pens, dip pens, steel nipped pens and many others.
Seller Ekonsumer
Numero Modello 30717
Marca INK
Modello Schreibtinte 3er-Set wahlfrei aus 18 Farben
Anno 2012
Disponibile pezzi 3
Prezzo Export € 16,81  (~ US$ 18,80)
Prezzo CE IVA inclusa € 20,00
spese di spedizione Spedizione Worldwide 9.50 EUR