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Montblanc Snake Clip solid silver with precious stone eyes, RED, BLU, or Green.** solid silver 925 Condition: newly made by local gold smith Year: 2012

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Description Measures: ca. 12,5 cm long, Diameter ca. 1.30 cm.
Beatiful kept original UHU made in the 1950´s in Germany. UHU was a minor Manufaturer based in Bühl-Baden. It was in 1905 that the dispensing chemist August Fischer bought the small chemicals factory of Ludwig Hoerth (founded in 1884) in Bühl (Germany). He immediately extended the production of inks, stamp pads, paints and adhesives. He certainly could never have suspected that one day his company would make a discovery that was to give it worldwide fame as a manufacturer of adhesives.
It was customary for goods in the paper, office and writing sector to be named after birds, and he took the name of a bird that was at that time still to be found in the Black Forest for his new product – UHU universal adhesive.
The stylographic pen comes in fully working condition with some minimal signs of use.
Will be a rare collectors item in this condition.
Seller Penprinzess
Item No. 22445
Brand Vintage Pens
Model UHU Kugeltinter stylographic pen rare 1952
Year 1952
System stylographic pen, piston filler
Colour brown gold pearl
Material celluloid with amber top
Condition excellent
available amount 1