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Montblanc Snake Clip solid silver with precious stone eyes, RED, BLU, or Green.** solid silver 925 Condition: newly made by local gold smith Year: 2012

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Description This is the edition honoring Giuseppe Verdi.
There are 5 versions of the Edition,
Opera, rolled gold cap and black barrel.
Gran Gala - rolled gold cap and barrel.
Opera Gold with solid 18 karat cap and engraved black barrel.
Gran Gala solid gold with 20 saphires adorned to the cap top.
Gran Gala "La Royale" from solid platinum with 20 diamonds adorned to the cap top.
This is the Gran Gala solid 18 Karat gold with 20 saphires adorned to the cap top.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 05466
Brand Aurora
Model Guiseppe Verdi Gran Gala Solid Gold and Rubies piston filler r.b.
Year 1998
System pistonfiller,
Colour solid 18 Karat cap and barrel
Condition m/boxed/Papers, complete Packaging incl. outer boxes.
Serial Number 44/199
Remarks former retail price was 6950.-- Euro
available amount 1