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Aurora Primavera set of 4 pens, r.b. 4 pcs Set, Fountain pen, roller, Ballpoint and pencil green marbled resin Nibsize: 18 M Medium tip Condition: m/boxed/papers Year: 1998

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Description A rare pen, made in the 60ies. As a successor to the 400 line of the 50ies, in 1962 Pelikan introduced the P1 pistonfiller, with a slimmer shape and the hooded nib.
This model P25 does follow this new design, but also is made as a cartridgefiller.
The pen set is mint, like new. Pen may be inked once, but clearly never been in use. Both pens show no trace of brassing or scratches.
Wonderfully kept in the original Leather Pen case. A beautiful and rare pen in mint(inked) condition.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 04465
Brand Pelikan
Model P 25 Saphireblue cartridgefiller, with rolled gold cap, mint, EF Gold nib
Year 1965
System cartridgefiller
Colour blue
Material resin with rolled gold cap
Condition mint, with label for nibsize, inked, boxed
Nib 14 K EF gold nib
available amount 1