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Books Set of historical MONTBLANC Catalogues 1932 and 1936** Katalog von 1932 mit 16 Seiten, Katalog von 1936 mit 66 Seiten. Zustand:

Shop -> Kaweco -> Vintage Pens Prewar

Beschreibung [Kein deutscher Text vorhanden]
This is a pen branded AZURA 30. But every aspect of the pen points to being made by Kaweco. Inkfeed, shape of clip, shape of blindcap, threads are all similar to a Kaweco pen made in the early 30ies. These did follow the popular style of the Duofolds, but in many tiny details they are different.
thanks to Payen, I could finally find out the origin of the brand: Made for a shop in Cannes, MAISON DU STYLO... and the name AZURA - well, Cannes is located at the Cote D´Azur.... !
Just learned, that Maison du Stylo did also have a shop in Nizza.
Verkäufer Penboard_Tom
Artikelnummer 60590
Marke Kaweco
Modell AZURA 30 - buttonfiller, no. 4 size, blue on white celluloid, made by Kaweco** 40% OFF, down from € 680.00
Jahr 1934
System Druckknopffüller
Farbe blau auf Weiss
Material Zelluloid
Zustand excellent to near mint, very well kept color, no brassing of bands, no cracks
Feder no. 4 size AZURA nib, medium tip
Bemerkungen rare 18C nib,
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