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Books Set of historical MONTBLANC Catalogues 1932 and 1936** Katalog von 1932 mit 16 Seiten, Katalog von 1936 mit 66 Seiten. Zustand:

Shop -> Rotring -> Vintage Pens Postwar 1950ies

Beschreibung [Kein deutscher Text vorhanden]
Measures: ca. 13,0 cm long, Diameter ca. 1.38 cm.
When Mr. Riepe started to promote his stylographic pens - in 1928 - he named them Tintenkuli. These perfect office pens became immediately sucessful and were produced way into the 50´s.
These Rapidograph pens were launched as drawing instruments rather than writing pens. They were among the most successfull tools for architects - until the Computers took over. :-(
This pen is fully working, very minimal signs of use.
Verkäufer Penboard_Tom
Artikelnummer 60400
Marke Rotring
Modell Tintenkuli - Rapidograph 1,0 - 1955 balck resin, near mint** 30% OFF, down from € 78.00
Jahr 1950ies
System Tintenschreiber, Kolbenfüller
Farbe schwarz
Material Kunstharz
Zustand near mint
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