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Description This new Goldfink model was made in collaboration with Leonardo pens based on a Goldfink design from the 1950ies in Berlin.
This piston-filled pen is made on the lathe with an ebonite feed and cap bands fit in place by hand using traditional techniques.
This very special version sports a newly made no. 6 size gold nib, super flexible. Behaves like a vintage super flexible nib. (but other nibs may be available as well.)
The available model variations are as follows:
1. Made from acrylic resin
With steel nib, from Euro 220 plus VAT
With gold nib, from Euro 390 plus VAT
2. Made from ebonite (at the moment black or orange/black woodgrain pattern)
With gold nib, from Euro 390 plus VAT
3. Made from ebonite with a guillochee pattern on cap and barrel
With gold nib, from Euro 460 plus VAT
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 113793
Brand Goldfink
Check out the new Goldfink 49 pen!
Model 49 pistonfiller, black ebonite with rolled gold trim **
Year 2023
System pistonfiller
Colour black
Material ebonite
Condition mint, newly made in 2023
Nib 14 K Goldfink gold nib, EF tip - super flexible
length capped 149 mm
cap diameter 16.3 mm
Remarks with SUPER FLEX Nib
available amount 1
Export price € 490,00  (~ US$ 549,00)
EU price incl. VAT € 583,00
Shipping cost Worldwide shipping: 16.00 EUR