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Description This is to announce a special sale format, SOLD AS FOUND - use the search link - or simply click on the tab SoldAsFound in the list of brands at the left bar.

About "Sold As Found" offers: We are offering these items to clear stock at a very low price, nearly the parts price.
The pens have only been superficially checked and cleaned, no restoration work has been done.
Whatever defect is visible at first sight will be noted in the description.
But please understand "sold as found" items are not guaranteed to work and we do not normally take them back for refund.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 113208
Brand SoldAsFound
SOLD AS FOUND Writing instruments at special price
Model SOLD AS FOUND ITEMS for Stock clearance
System Writing instruments
Colour unrestored
Material at a special price
Condition SOLD AS FOUND in various conditions, from MINT to spare part condition
length capped 123 mm
cap diameter 12.8 mm