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Description is collaborating with Tom Westerich and to offer you this iconic vintage Montblanc pen, GUILT FREE :)
Contribute to our affiliated COVID-relief fund in India, and receive this Montblanc No. 136 from the World-War II era, FREE as a “thank you” gift!
It is the most epic of Win-Win offers for a pen lover!
Here’s how it works...
The pen is posted for sale on We freshly programmed a simple auction functionality, bear with us if that is not yet running 100% smoothly. System automatically confirms your bid via email to you and it shows the current bid on penboard. Here you can follow if you are outbid again. So you have a chance to raise your bid if you like. The highest bid that we receive by June 20 (Sunday) Noontime GMT+2, will win the auction. Auction will close automatically at the stated time.
The pen will be shipped via DHL or FedEx free-of-charge.
The winner will be directed to contribute 100% of the winning bid amount to Action Against Hunger - an NGO working on providing oxygen concentrators, ventilators and other necessary equipment to hospitals, providing PPE and hygiene kits to medical workers and needy families in India.
About this pen: This is a Meisterstück pen, made during World War II, with a steel nib. Long inkwindow is still very well kept, the cap top shows the circular imprint and a perfectly kept white star.
This 136 has a wet nib that draws a vintage broad line, with medium flexibility. The piston seal has been professionally restored and works perfectly.
Videos and pictures of the pen can be found on Instagram link -

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Thank you for your participation - and good luck.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 112776
Brand Montblanc
Model Meisterstück 136 - early version long inkwindow and steel nib.
Year 1942
System pistonfiller
Colour black
Material celluloid and ebonite
Condition excellent to near mint, near perfect cap, barrel still fully striped, long ink window, fully working with a fresh cork seal
Nib Steel nib medium tip, semi flexible
Auction Price 1.400 €
Auction ends The auction ended on 20.06.2021 12:00:00(GMT +2)