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Books Set of historical MONTBLANC Catalogues 1932 and 1936** Ristampa dei cataloghi storici: 16 pagine prodotti dal 1932 e 66 pagine prodotti dal 1936 - più di 6 opuscoli Condition: mint

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Up for sale a range of the cork cutters I developed. Made, fully from steel.
There are three sizes,
1. for 149/139 pistonfillers (you can sand it to 138 size easyly. )
2. for 146/136/246/236 Pistonfillers
3. for 144/134 pistonfillers. (easy to sand down to 142 /132 size corks)
as well the perfect size to create Pelikan 100 or 100N corks.
The inner hole is made a tiny bit smaller than needed for the MB piston fillers, on purpose - so you can use the corks for other pens as well. A tiny piece of coarse sand paper rolled will easyly open the bore to the needed diameter.
We found a supplier for top quality corks of 28 mm diameter, these are perfect for making cork seals.
the tool works with best results if held in a lathe (or drill chuck) and the cork pressed against the rotating tool.
To work by hand, you would need to sharpen the tool a lot more. And still its not as good a result.
Price is intended for one cutter for one szie of cork.
Some tips how to adapt the cork.
1. the inner hole is best enlarged with a tiny piece of sand paper, coarse, grade 180 e.g.
The inner hole may be a little larger than needed - just make sure, that the outer diameter is a little larger as well. this way, the cork when fit is being compressed a little.
The outer diameter can best be adapted by fitting onto a holder and then sanded in a piece of sand paper, grade 400 , which is held in a curve, this way you best get a round shape.
after creating the right size, boil in hot wax, e.g. the stearine of tea lights. when still warm, fit onto the holder, compress with the fingers and then fit into the barrel.
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Marca Tools and Parts
Modello Cork seal cutter for piston fillers - three sizes available.
Anno 2018
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