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Books Set of historical MONTBLANC Catalogues 1932 and 1936** Katalog von 1932 mit 16 Seiten, Katalog von 1936 mit 66 Seiten. Zustand:

Shop -> Wahl Eversharp -> Vintage Pens 1960ies bis heute

Beschreibung [Kein deutscher Text vorhanden]
This pen is a new pen, exactly made like the old design of Henry Dreyfuss in 1941.
It was launched in 1995 as a new start for the Wahl Eversharp brand.
A perfect redesign, which is not any more a leverfiller, but a modern converter filled pen.
Besides this, the pen is made 100% like the old models.
This one has a window display added, made from wood and an inkwell (made by Herbin, Paris.)
Verkäufer Penboard_Tom
Artikelnummer 111660
Marke Wahl Eversharp
Modell Skyline Relaunch Edition 1995**
Jahr 1995
System Konverterfueller
Farbe Dunkelblau
Material Edelharz und metall
Zustand mint, never used, with box, papers and a window display from wood.
Feder 18 K twotone Medium tip
Bemerkungen with 1995 window display ...
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