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Montblanc Snake Clip solid silver with precious stone eyes, RED, BLU, or Green.** Massiv Silber mit blauen saphir Augen. Zustand: Jahr: 2012

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Beschreibung [Kein deutscher Text vorhanden]
Original collar for the Milord size Omas pens. Good for inkfeeds of 5.5 mm diameter. Essential part to restore OMAS pens from the early 90ies. Many of these are still found with collars made from cheap plastic, that cracks or melts under the influence of ink.
I got hold of a stock of them, so finally I can offer some for sale.
To fit these collars, its recommended to first fit the collar alone, maybe add some lubricant like silicone grease or vaseline to the threads. Then separately fit the nib and feed. The very fine threads might get stuck, if you try to fit the whole nib unit as you would to e.g. with a Pelikan M800 pen.
Check the section sealant, item 03504, ideal stuff for screwing back the section.
Please note, some OMAS pens do need collars of a tiny different threading (due to badly maintained tolerances in production) , so this collar might not work with every section. But its been tested on about 20 different sections and it worked on 19.
it is recommended to first screw in the collar, gently heat the section in case the collar gets stuck, and afterwards fit the nib and feed.
Verkäufer Penboard_Tom
Artikelnummer 111472
Marke Werkzeuge und Teile
Modell OMAS ebonite collar, Milord size for inkfeeds 5.5 mm diameter **
Jahr 2016
Zustand MINT, never used
Bemerkungen to fit feeds of 5,5 mm diameter
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