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Description Wonderfully kept Safetyfiller, branded Stoertz, Graz.
This is an Austrian pen shop founded in the 1880ies.
The pen´s style is typical "Waterman safety filler" style. Montblanc did use this design mainly for subbrand pens like these. and for their Diplomat safety fillers.
This pen is mint, new old stock, never used.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 110627
Brand Montblanc
Model no. 4 F safety for Stoertz, Graz, BCHR, MINT
Year 1920
System safetyfiller,
Colour black chased hard rubber,
Condition MINT, never used, fully working, mirrorlike shiny black ebonite.
Nib 14 K Montblanc original nib, fine tip
length capped 121 mm
cap diameter 12,8 mm