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Beschreibung [Kein deutscher Text vorhanden]
This is a replica of a vintage silver push over clip, made from solid silver and with two tiny blue stones fit for the eyes. It will fit a cap of a safety filler sizes 1 to 8 - or a nice pencil as well.
It might fit any cap, but it should be a straight cap - fit onto a cylindric cap it might look a bit strange.
Let uns know the diameter of the cap and we will send the clip adapted to this size.
This version has precious stones fit as eyes, ruby red, sapphire blu or emerald green.
The snake is make with a longer tail than the historic snake, this way, it nicely wraps around larger pens as well.
Verkäufer Penboard_Tom
Artikelnummer 04880
Marke Montblanc
Modell Snake Clip solid silver with precious stone eyes, RED, BLU, or Green.
Jahr 2012
Farbe Massiv Silber mit blauen saphir Augen.
Zustand newly made by local gold smith
Verfügbare Menge 15