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Description This is another version of my custom made Goldfink pens. This one follows the design of the famous German safety filler pens. All the parts are hand made on the lathe in traditional manner.
Barrel and cap are made from Celluloid, cap top and black parts are made from ebonite.
This model is sold out, no more celluloid of this color. Should you want one from different materials (ebonite or celluloid, no modern plastics please) - let me know.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 03250
Brand Goldfink
Model Imperial Buttonfiller, Oversize
Year 2010
System buttonfiller pen,
Colour made from Celluloid and hard rubber
Condition new, handmade by Tom Westerich , mint, boxed, papers.
Nib at choice, 14 K no. 8 size nib.
available amount 3