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Description These pens are made one by one here in my workshop, from celluloid and ebonite. Made on the lathe, no CNC or CAD involved, and carefully polished by hand.
Technically, the pen is a copy of a 1920ies Duofold, made from celluloid and hard rubber.
Dimensions are bigger than the Senior size, as the no. 8 size nib needs a larger feed - and thus the complete pen becomes bigger.
cap and barrel threadings are similar to a MB 149 pen.
The nib featured on the pen is a no. 8 size (bigger than a 149 nib) Bock nib. Feed is an ebonite feed, made for this pen.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 03121
Brand Goldfink
Model Oversize Custommade pen
Year 2010
System Buttonfiller
Colour vintage Grey PL Celluloid
Nib 18 K no. 8 size nib, nib size either Medium or Broad
we can also grind to fine tip or Stub.
available amount 1