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Description These pens are made one by one here in my workshop, from celluloid and ebonite. I found this tiny little lot of OMAS Celluloid - Galileo Celluloid is a dream to come by. Made on the lathe, no CNC or CAD involved, and carefully polished by hand.
Technically, the pen is a copy of a 1920ies Duofold, made from celluloid and hard rubber.
Dimensions are bigger than the Senior size, as the no. 8 size nib needs a larger feed - and thus the complete pen becomes bigger.
cap and barrel threadings are similar to a MB 149 pen.
The nib featured on the pen is a no. 8 size (bigger than a 149 nib) Bock nib. Feed is an ebonite feed, made for this pen.
Seller Penboard_Tom
Item No. 03120
Brand Goldfink
Model Oversize Custommade pen
Year 2010
System Buttonfiller
Colour Omas Wilde Celluloid
Nib 18 K no. 8 size nib, nib size either Medium or Broad
we can also grind to fine tip or Stub.
available amount 2